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Not sure what services are a good fit for you? Or don't see what you're looking for listed? No worries at all. Set up a free 30-minute discovery call with me so we can identify what your business needs when it comes to marketing solutions. If I'm not the right marketer for the job, I'm sure I can refer you to someone else in my network of creative professionals who can help!


Business owners tend to have a hard time writing digestible copy about their business because they're too deep in the weeds of their work. Strong copy—for websites, graphics, social posts, ads, and other media—needs to be clean, concise, clear, and on message in order to be effective among readers.

Email Marketing

Most email users check their inboxes every day; many even check several times a day. This is what makes email marketing so effective among businesses. Unlike social media posts, ad campaigns, and other tactics, email marketing offers a direct line of communication between you and your customers.

Social media reactions such as likes, follows, and comments show on a mobile phone.

Public Relations

Need help putting your best face forward in public and the media? Thanks to my combined experience in both journalism and marketing communications, I know exactly what kinds of stories are attractive to news organizations and their audiences. I can get them on board with why your story is one that's worth telling.

Stack of newspapers with business section showing on the top. Concept: public relations.

Digital Advertising

As the world gets more and more digital, your share of the 'internet pie,' if you will, gets smaller and smaller. You're competing against billions of other people for your audience's eyeballs. While organic content works wonders, throwing some money behind Google Ads or paid social media can give you an added visibility boost.

Person's finges typing across keyboard of laptop as email notifications and message icon pop up. Concept: email marketing.


Blogs are the largest generator of organic website traffic. (Read that again!) Well-written blogs full of valuable information demonstrate your industry expertise and paint you as a knowledgeable source. When properly optimized for search engines, blogs attract visitors to your site and help convert them into sales leads.   

Person's fingers typing on keyboard with a word document on the screen. Concept: copywriting.
Close-up image of what adding a new blog post looks like on the backend of a WordPress website.
Digital advertising analytics report displays on screen of tablet. Shows pie chart, line graph, other key analytics.

The types of marketing services your business needs will depend on the products or services you're trying to sell, the audience you're trying to reach, your specific goals, and the resources you have available (such as your time, budget, and staff expertise or skillset).


I'm proud to be able to offer a suite of services—all of which are tailored to your unique situation—to get you where you want to go, including: 

Social Media

From content creation to hashtag research, daily engagement to analytics reporting, and strategy sessions to profile audits, I'm ready to help in all areas of social media management and marketing—whether that's supplementing what you're already doing, fully taking over, or building accounts from scratch. 

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